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Meet Luke Penner

Luke lives for aerobatics. A Manitoban through-and-through, he has been a pilot and flight instructor since 2003. Three years later, he began flying aerobatics in a Pitts S2B bi-plane and went on to compete successfully in international aerobatics for which he is often on the podium.

Some of Luke’s accomplishments include Winner of Sportsman U.S. 2016 National Championships,, 2018 Intermediate Canadian National Aerobatic Championships, third place overall at the 2019 US Nationals in the Advanced Category, third place overall 2020 Canadian Nationals Advanced category.  Second and third place finishes at the 2021 + 2022 US nationals and most recently, was named captain of Team Canada after finishing first overall at the 2022 Canadian Nationals.

As a flight instructor, Luke has trained hundreds of commercial pilots who have gone on to work for airlines all over the world. His passion does centre around aerobatics, however, and over the years, he has given over a thousand aerobatic Rides of Your Life!  

Luke is constantly pushing himself as a pilot and aerobatics competitor and being part of the experience of helping people tick that “flying upside down” off their bucket lists continues to be a rewarding highlight for him.


Meet Mike Toews

Meet Jesse Mack

Mike started flying when he was four and had landed an airplane by himself (his dad, who was a pilot was with him) prior to any formal training,
Fortunately, formal training prevailed, and at the age of seventeen, Mike received his private pilot’s license
Growing up, Mike spent a lot of time building and flying model airplanes and finally pursued a career in Mechanical and Aeronautical Engineering.  Mike currently works (full time) for a regional airline as a Transport Canada delegate, designing and approving aircraft modifications which also includes formal flight testing on occasion.

In 1990 he attended Oshkosh for the first time and a month later the ‘tail kit’ arrived at his door for a Vans RV4.  Nine years later the RV4 was flying and today Mike has over 1200 hours on it.  …mostly going straight up, straight down, upside down and all around.  …although it has been to Oshkosh three times so we know Mike is capable of flying (mostly) right side up.

Mike has been working part time as a flight instructor at Harv’s Air for several years, specializing in aerobatic and tailwheel training, as well as thrilling passengers with our “Ride of Your Life”  flights.

In addition to flying the Extra 300L and his own RV4, Mike also enjoys flying a number of other airplanes including a Mk IV North American Harvard, and many other types of experimental airplanes.

Hi, I’m Jesse! Allow me to introduce you to the captivating realm of aerobatic flying, where my passion lies. It will be nothing like you’ve ever experienced. 


Having obtained my pilot's license at a young age of 16, I immediately delved into aerobatics, embarking on countless flights filled with new adventures. These experiences only deepened my affection for precision flying and further propelled me into this electrifying world.

Throughout my journey, I have achieved accomplishments in the field of aerobatics. Emerging as the winner in my inaugural competition was a proud moment, and I have consistently secured podium finishes in various aerobatic championship categories, including Sportsman, Intermediate, and Advanced.


At Harv's Air, my focus lies in instructing aspiring aerobatic pilots, prioritizing their safety and ensuring they acquire the necessary skills. Additionally, I actively serve as a safety pilot during competitions, granting fellow aviators the opportunity to partake in the thrill of aerobatic competition.


Most exhilarating of all, I’m here to give you your first taste of upside-down flying. What are you waiting for? Let's go!

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